NIU Technologies, founded in 2014, is the worlds leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions. NIU is the first lifestyle brand in Chinese urban mobility market to promote technology, style, and freedom. NIU currently designs, manufactures and sells smart e-scooters.

NIU has sold an accumulation of 1 million+ smart electric two-wheeler vehicles worldwide by 2020. In China they have product in over 1,000 stores and covers 181 cities. NIU has continued its expansion across international markets and is now in 38 countries.



NIU currently has a streamlined product portfolio consisting of seven series; NQi, MQi, UQi, NIU Aero, Gova, RQi, and TQi, with multiple models and specifications.

All of the models are the equivalent power outputs of 50cc and 125cc petrol bikes, so here in the UK all are legal to be ridden on just a CBT (1 day Compulsory Basic Training).

All of the NIU models use wheel hub motors supplied by Bosch, and all are charged by way of standard household sockets. As with a lot of smaller electric motorcycles, the batteries on the NIU’s are removable so you can take the battery out for security and also to enable you to easily charge the battery by taking it in the house / office to charge up, so you don’t have to have a garage with power. Some models also offer the option of being able to carry either one or two batteries. This can help keep the cost of the bike down if you don’t ever need the range that 2 batteries would provide. It also allows you to have one battery on charge while using the other in the bike.

Batteries are from Panasonic and offer a 2 Year Warranty and an estimated 5 Year Life Cycle.

Prices start from £1,359 here in the UK for the U-Pro, and go up to £3,196 for the NGT.

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