Frequently asked questions

We know that Electric Motorcycles are relatively new and some things may remain a bit of a mystery. This section of our Info Center deals with the commonly asked questions that we hear a lot here at our showroom and workshop here in Ossett.

We keep this frequently updated and cover both the more common and the most obscure questions we come across. Got a question you think needs to be included here, then give us a shout ?

There are lots of manufacturers of electric motorcycles around the world and it is a forever growing number. At present, the easiest way to split them up is to categorise them as lets say “Full Power Motorcycles”, “Learner Legal”, and “off-road”.
The “Full Power Motorcycles” are the larger, bigger powered bikes made by major manufacturers, producing high quality and high performance bikes. These at present include Zero (the largest grossing electric bike manufacturer in the world, and the longest running [since 2006]), Energica (Italian brand that produces bikes for the Moto-E race championship), and the latest addition is Harley Davidson. There are also some others such as Damon and Lightning however up until now they have not been available in the UK.
When it comes to the “Learner Legal” sector there are lots and lots of brands emerging all the time. Mostly these are designed and manufactured in China and other parts of Asia, and are lower powered, smaller battery, bikes made to a budget, and aimed at the commuter and younger end of the market. Some of the bigger manufacturers in this sector would be Super Soco (largest [volume] selling electric bike brand in the UK at present), and Niu. But new brands are always emerging.
For the “off-road” sector there are some great bikes available from Sur-Ron, Oset, Electric Motion, and Kuberg.
See our “Manufacturers Info” page in the Info Centre section of our site for more information on the different manufacturers.

Here in the UK there are electric bikes available for all licence types. Some suitable for 16 year olds with just a CBT (50cc petrol equivalent), some for 17+ year olds with just a CBT (125cc petrol equivalent), some for restricted A2 bike licence holders, and some for people only will full entitlement licences.

Prices for insurance on electric motorcycles in the UK is generally pretty comparable with that of a similar performance and valued petrol bike. In the UK there are two major insurance brokers that we recommend for electric bikes; Lexham ( ) and BeMoto ( ).

Yes. Just like any other motorcycle, an electric motorcycle has to have its first MOT at 3 years old, and then every 12 months.

No not at present in the UK. You do still have to inform DVLA / VOSA that you are “taxing” the vehicle but the cost will be £0. This must then be renewed each year as it would with any vehicle.

Well as mentioned above the road tax is £0 so that’s that bit covered. The current (2020) average cost of electric in the UK is 14.37p / kwh. So for example on a Zero bike with a ZF14.4 battery the recharge cost would be roughly £1.80 and that would get you around 120 miles of real world mixed riding. That’s a cost per mile of just 1.5p.

Electric motorcycles can can be charged in 1 or 2 ways out of a possible 4.

  • Standard wall plug socket – slowest form of charging
  • Type 1 charging. “Type 1” refers to the plug shape and speed capability of the charge through this plug type.
  • Type 2 charging. “Type 2” refers to the plug shape and speed of charge capability of this plug type. This is now the most common and current plug type used on electric vehicles (cars and bikes) such as the Nissan Leaf and VW e-Golf.
  • DC fast charge. This is the fastest charging method and has been adopted by the new Energica and Harley Davidson electric bikes.

The answer to this question lies in what sort of charging capability the bike has. Every electric motorcycle at present can be charged at home on a standard wall plug.

If looking at Type 1 and Type 2 charging then these chargers are probably far more common than most people would initially think. As of 5th May 2020 in the UK there are 11,320 charging locations, and a total of 31,556 plug connectors. This is a massive number of chargers. In the last 12 months there has been a 50% increase in the number of chargers available in the UK and this continuing to rise at a pretty consistent rate. So there is only going to be more and more charge points available. These chargers can be found of course at motorway services, filling stations, pubs, restaurants, offices, retail parks, tourist attractions, and a million other places.

At NYA Bikes we have also been working closely with local bike hotspots such as Squires Cafe Bar in Sherburn in Elmet, to arrange installation of charge points specifically for bikes. These are places where social bikers usually go and hangout for an hour or two with mates while on a ride so it will help fit in with charging for them while having a brew and a butty.

Plus of course you can get a home charger installed for faster charging at home if you want. And as of early 2020 the UK government has extended its grant scheme to cover home charge installations for motorcycle owners. See UK gov website for details.

In the UK the best resource we can point people to is an app called Zap Map……

On the app you can see where chargers are, who operates them, what plug types they have, and if they are available or currently being used.

Yes of course. Our parent company, NYA Bikes, has built several modified and custom electric bikes ranging from adapting an electric bike for a disabled gentleman who was a left arm amputee, to fully off-road focused versions of the Zero FX for South Yorkshire Police, or just a tricked up Zero FXS for Supermoto competition. Anything is possible with modifications on an electric bike, just the same as a petrol bike…… apart from customs exhausts 😉

You are already here. NYA Parts stocks a wide range of parts for customising and modifying your electric motorcycle. We have started out with parts for bikes that our parent company NYA Bikes retail in the showroom, but this range will continue to expand in to other brands as the site grows.

Not a problem. Let us know what it is you are wanting to do and we can look in to what we may have, and be able to give you some advice on what does and doesn’t work. We can even then put it on to our list for R&D and try come up with a solution.

We are always open to new opportunities and products if it is going to add to the range of items we can bring to the masses. Drop us an email through the Contact page and we can discuss it.

We excited and about the ever growing market for electric motorcycles and are equally as excited about being at the forefront of bringing a range of custom parts to electric bikers. We are continuing to work on research and development of possible customisations, performance improvements, styling, and general “bike bling” that is tried and tested to fit on your electric bike.

Yes we do. We operate a full specialist workshop and can carry out the fitting of any parts you want on your electric bike. We can also arrange paint, powder coating, servicing, and any other modification you want doing. If needed we can even come and collect and redeliver your bike to you (cost dependant on location).

NYA Parts was founded by NYA Bikes (Not Your Average Bikes Ltd) in 2020. NYA Bikes was itself founded in 2017 by Jon Spencer and James Dewart. The business was established as a showroom and workshop for petrol bikes, but not just any old everyday bike, it was to specialise in Not Your Average Bikes. Anything that is a bit unusual is what we do; café racers, bobbers, choppers, turbo charged bikes, super charged bikes, classic, retro collectibles, and the simply weird and wonderful and unusual. In 2019 NYA Bikes took a decision to branch in to electric bikes as they also fit in with our ethos, and we became a main dealer for Zero and Super Soco. We still continue to sell, modify, repair, and service petrol bikes, but electric bikes is where our passion now lies as we see it as the future of biking. We have a showroom full of some amazing bikes but now we would 90% of the time, choose to take out an electric bike over a petrol bike, if going for a ride out.
After we settled in to the sales and servicing of electric bikes, we noticed something missing for owners of electric bikes; a one-stop-shop where you could get parts specifically focused at electric bikes. If we ever went on a website to find parts, nobody would ever even know what a Zero was never mind if their parts were compatible. Even for us as experienced dealers and mechanics, we didn’t know sometimes if a certain part would work without buying it and just trying it. So we decided this needed to change and so set about opening the site for NYA Parts.
Our focus is to provide you with that missing piece of the puzzle of being an electric bike owner, a site where you can look at parts and know straight away if they will fit your bike. Alternative options for brake pads other than what the bike manufacturer supplies. Upgraded suspension options not offered my manufacturers. Styling modifications that we have ourselves tried and tested so that you can work to personalising your bike to you.

We always try our best to ensure our prices are as competitive as possible, but in some instances we just do not have the buying power to compete with some major retailers. What we would ask though is that if possible, please try help support us so we can continue to carry out R&D and bring you new tried and tested products and help grow this market of electric motorcycles and aftermarket parts.